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J Dubs Gun Shop is Unique.... John Burge, the Owner, feels this community has given him a great deal over the years.  He grew up and went all the way through high school here before leaving for the military, college and advanced degrees, and a very distinguished career in the defense industry designing and manufacturing weapons systems for our armed forces.  Consequently he opened this unique business not to make money but to give back to the community which has been so good to him.  His unique pricing and extensive services are his ways of "giving back."  Come visit J DUBS GUNSHOP.  You won't ever find another gun shop like it.


GUN SALES:  Jdub's gun shop is the least expensive place you can possibly purchase a gun. We are a dealer for several of the largest weapons distributors in the USA - Lipsey's, Davidsons and Tactical Arms to name a few.  We are also a dealer for Lone Wolf Distributors with a vast selection of gun parts and accessories.  We offer long guns, hand guns and shot guns, survival guns and combination guns of all calibers.  You can select any gun you want from virtually every gun that is available from every manufacturer - nearly 10,000 different guns - and we can have it here in two days or the next day for a few dollars additional postage. Not only that, for hand guns of any caliber and smaller caliber rifles we have a pistol range right here in our shop so you can test fire your new gun right on the spot and not have to wait until you can drive miles to the range.  If you are just deciding on what kind of gun you want, we will instruct you on how to evaluate your weapon needs and will let you shoot several different models and calibers to help you decide .... all at no cost.  We'll even give you complimentary ammo for your virgin shots from your new gun when it arrives.  No one should ever buy a gun without having a real "feel" for what you are buying by shooting it or one like it versus having seen it only through a glass counter top.

SERVICES:   We not only offer gun sales, we offer other services as well. John is certified as a Glock Armorer by the American Gunsmithing Institute and a Law Enforcement Armorer which qualifies him to service virtually every weapon used by all law enforcement agencies - hand guns, long guns, shot guns and tactical SWAT rifles.
     Additionally we offer Federal Firearms Licensed, commonly referred to as FFL, transfer services. This is a service we provide to transfer a gun from a seller to a buyer or from one owner to another through a Federal Firarms Licensee, which is required by law.  No  gun can be purchased legally from a dealer or shipped by common carrier except through an FFL holder, and all persons buying a gun must have a criminal background check which we get done for you through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).  If you need a Concealed Weapons License or any kind of training, we offer that as well.  We give a complete CCW application package just for the asking.  We strongly encourage concealed carry for personal defense.

TRAINING:  John is a certified NRA instructor and offers personal custom NRA courses for those who need the training.  We strongly urge anyone who is new to guns or is buying a gun for the first time to get the proper training from a certified instructor even if you grew up with guns.  It is highly likely you don't handle your gun correctly.  Training not only can enhance your and others' safety but will improve your accuracy as well.  You should know how to use your weapon safely and how to disassemble, clean and reassemble it with confidence.  It pays in the long run and you can feel more confident in handling and using your gun.

RELOADING: Jdub's is also the place for custom reloading. Specializing in high stopping power self-defense loads, we use Hornady Extreme Terminal Performance XTP FMJ bullets, CCI primers and Hodgdon Smokeless gunpowders in a Lee reloading press.  We have all the necessary instrumentation with the latest technology in recording chronographs to measure and record the velocities of various loads and bullet weights.   Presently we are offering custom reloading services in the following handgun ammunition calibers: 9mm, 0.32 ACP, 0.38 spl, 0.40 S&W, 0.45 ACP and limited rifle ammo 0.223 Remington (NATO).  If you shoot a lot and save your brass and wish to get into reloading, we will be glad to help you along.  DO NOT try to reload without proper instruction!  We also provide Berry's plastic reusable ammo boxes.
OUR IN-HOUSE RANGE:  Our in-house range is primarily for pistol training and ballistics study though we do use it for some rifle work.  It's a two-stand range but we prefer to keep it to a single stand for optimum safety. In addition to pistol training and practice, we use this range for ballistics study and load performance verification.  In our reloading work, we check every batch of our reloads with a chronograph to assure we have the proper muzzle velocities and have not exceeded the maximum safe load specifications of the powder and bullet manfacturers as well as assuring we have the proper muzzle velocities that are above the minimums to assure proper gun performance.  We take great pride in our ballistics work and invite you to participate with us if you need any custom loads or just want information.  HOWEVER, THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC RANGE.  Let us talk to you about self defense loads.  Your life could depend on it.

We specialize in Glocks and have four models on hand that you can try out by live firing right here on our pistol range to get the "feel" of the gun. Glock 17 Standard(9mm), Glock 19 Compact (9mm), Glock 26 Subcompact (9mm) and Glock 36 Sub compact (0.45 Cal).  We also have A number of other makes and models of hand guns you can live fire in 0.32 Cal, 0.40 Cal and 0.38 Special and some smaller caliber rifles.  Don't buy a gun hastily.  It's not a small investment.  Shoot it or one like it before you buy .... from anyone.  Also, be sure to have the gunsmith where you buy, if they have a gunsmith, talk with you and discuss the pros and cons of the gun you choose.  Have him (or her) show you how to completely disassemble and reassemble your gun.  This is important.  We do it with many customers, as many times as you wish or until you are comfortable in doing it by yourself.

Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon - Sat

HOW TO ORDER:  Contact us directly by phone, email, fax or personal visit (preferred) and let us know what your needs are.  If it's guns, we can handle it.

Purchases are made at our shop by cash, money order, certified cashier's checks, travel checks or personal check.  At present we do not take any kind of credit card because that increases the cost and we strive to furnish "The best for the least" without sacrificing quality.
So .... Come visit us. You need not buy anything from us. We'll gladly help you any way we can. It's our pleasure.




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Fee free to contact us at:  

jdubsgunshop@gmail.com (preferred) jdubsgunshop@cox.net

Training Targets on Our Indoor Range
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